FleetUp Tackles Bike Theft with Motorbike GPS Tracking

SAN JOSE, California -- More than 40 thousand motorcycles in the U.S were reported stolen in 2017 according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

To help combat motorcycle theft, FleetUp, a Silicon Valley software engineering company, has launched a new tracking device called Motorbike GPS Tracker.

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Flaws in a popular GPS tracker leak real-time locations and can remotely activate its microphone

A popular GPS tracker used as a panic alarm for elderly patients, to monitor kids and track vehicles contains security flaws, which security researchers say are so severe the device should be recalled.

The Chinese-manufactured white-label location tracker, rebranded and sold
Your PC gets slower and slower each day due to the amount of junk files piling moving up. The best way is to do on a clean format of your computer or laptop and start about. However if you don't want to do just that and just intend to make use of any of the available resources to speed up your PC, here are many ways for you.

Use malware protection. Here are a few that yo
AV Center is a software program and also installing itself on millions of computers all around the planet. It appears to be a legitimate security / antivirus program but is incredibly annoying and efforts to pressure people into buying it. To eliminate this software, you have to use a method which removes all the damaging components comes with.and here's exactly what to do.

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The best methods for success with giveaway events are straightforward. You ought to be offering something which individuals want get and wish to give their e-mail address for. This cer
Do you have an idea the information product, but are a bit concerned that it might seem boring to users? Fact is, most individuals who purchase ebooks or other informational products don't even consume these items! There are probably several triggers for this, including busyness, procrastination, even procrastination. However, I believe one reason is how the information isn't packaged inside inter
If extra flab to make an information product, is undoubtedly much more to life than an easy ebook. Things that were neither affordable or pissble at home on a little budget have been completely made available. Read on unearth out the different renditions however take with your next information product.

Now, create a video review which details the good (and bad) points ab
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