Familiarize With Active Inquiry-Based Learning In International School In Jakarta

Finding the best or perfect school is never be easy.  It is especially true when looking for an elementary-level international school Jakarta. School achievement is not enough. You also need to find out the education approach used by the school. Global Sevilla is one of the best options that use active inquiry-based learning. If you want the best one, here is what you have to know.


About Active Inquiry-Based Learning

As one of the best international schools, Global Sevilla knows what they have to provide for their students. Active inquiry-based learning is one of three approaches chosen to accompany the learning activities. The institution specified the use of the method for elementary school due to the student’s nature that is full of curiosity.

For your information, the terminology refers to an approach that pulls a red string of actively engaging students in the learning process. So, the whole learning and teaching process is not only about the teaching activities in the international school in Jakarta. It is focused on how to help students learn more by making them do related activities.

It is an approach that is more than just listening, reading, and writing. The students have many chances to explore the topic deeper and learn to form their own experiences. It relates to the fact that indicates humans can retain information 75% of information by doing it. Meanwhile reading only helps recall 10% of study material and listening is only 5%.

About Active Inquiry Based Learning

How Global Sevilla Implement It

With that details in mind, you can tell that Global Sevilla provides a great learning activity for their pupils. The school offers better study material using two different curricula. The curricula are the Cambridge primary as the main and Primary curriculum as the second option. Both of them bring up a complete education material, lesson, and test.

For more, the international school in Jakarta also encourages students to do some educating actions. They help the student to explore their learning materials by encouraging library visits. There are also some activities such as reading, practice, and skill-focused studies. The school has nailed the sense of building personal learning and international-mindedness.

Students at the age of elementary school demand more than just learning a book. At this age, their brain development is getting faster. They learn better, they are curious, and they need definite input. Global Sevilla captures that idea. That is why they use active inquiry-based learning to elevate student engagement and be active during class activities.

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